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  • What is AnyGuide?

    AnyGuide is a beautifully simple Experience Management Software that helps you manage your tours, activities, and experiences. Whether you offer set tours or highly customized experiences we help you

  • How Does The AnyGuide Dashboard Work? (Video)

    An Introduction to the AnyGuide dashboard and how it works for you. Ready to get started?  Here's a video explaining how to get set up.

  • How to add the AnyGuide Full Integration

    The AnyGuide Full Integration offers a more seamless experience than Booking Buttons because it integrates our clean and easy to use design of your AnyGuide Booking Site into your own website. Guests 

  • How To Uninstall the AnyGuide Integrations

    All AnyGuide integrations are snippets of code that simply generate an iFrame, which embeds your Tour List, Descriptions and Availability from your AnyGuide Dashboard into a page on your own website.

  • Creating and Sending Invoices

    Invoices are a billing tool that allows you to collect payment for custom activities online. With invoices, you also have the option of collecting deposits up to 50% and final payments just like y

  • How does AnyGuide compare to PayPal?

    Do you currently use PayPal for your guests to pay for your experiences online? If you're wondering how AnyGuide can help you. This article is for you! In short, PayPal offers a way take online pay

  • How to Set Up Your AnyGuide Account (Video)

    How to add your tours and your settings.  Please note that when adding tours, you are not limited to the given pricing or scheduling model. Read through our Advanced Features and Customizations arti

  • I need a minimum number of guests to run my tour. How does this work?

    If you require a minimum number of guests per tour, you can set the minimum number of people per booking when you set up your tour. So, for example, when a guest books they have to choose at least 3 p

  • How to Install the AnyGuide Full Integration Yourself

    The AnyGuide Full Integration offers a more seamless experience than Booking Buttons because it integrates your AnyGuide Booking Site into your own website.  The integration is a piece of code, common

  • Does AnyGuide market my tours for me?

    No. AnyGuide is not a listing site nor do we market your business for you. However, AnyGuide can help you grow your own business, and many of our partners have done so using AnyGuide. Here's how:

  • How to add a Booking Button

    Booking Buttons are simply "Book Now" buttons you can add to your own website that link to your tours on AnyGuide. When your guests click on the button, they will simply be directed to your AnyGuide B

  • What is AnyGuide? (Video)

  • How and When do I get Paid?

    Payouts are transferred to you weekly on Tuesday, covering the previous week (Monday through Sunday). Depending on your payout method and bank, payments can take 2-3 days to arrive. Make sure to compl

  • Add Bookings to Your AnyGuide Calendar

    With the newest version of the AnyGuide Calendar, you can now add all of your bookings to AnyGuide and tie all your day-to-day operations in one place! The new calendar allows you to charge Credit

  • How Should I Display My Offerings On My Website?

    You're done setting up your AnyGuide Dashboard and now you're wondering "How Should I Display my Offerings on My Website?"  After creating an account with AnyGuide and  adding your tour information

  • How to Add a Booking Button on your Facebook Page

    It only takes 2 minutes to add a Booking Button to your Facebook page.Facebook calls it a Call-To-Action, and it appears on your Facebook Business Page on desktop, mobile and Facebook's app.  Follo

  • How to Add Offline Bookings Manually

    It's easy to add bookings to AnyGuide yourself - whether they come from walk-ins, phone conversations or elsewhere.  You can take payment immediately via credit/debit card or cash, or collect payment

  • How do my Guests Pay?

    As soon as you sign up for AnyGuide, you can start accepting online payments right away from any credit/debit card in any country and currency. No need for you to setup a payment processor or gateway

  • How to Create and Send an Invoice (Video)

    AnyGuide Invoices are perfect for guides who offer custom tours or prefer to speak with guests prior to booking. Want to learn more about invoices?  Read on.

  • How to Accept Booking Requests

    Once you enable online booking with AnyGuide, there are two ways to accept booking requests: Manually accept each booking request yourself Automatically accept bookings based on live availa

  • How Do I Manage My Bookings?

    Your AnyGuide Dashboard and Calendar provide a summary of all your bookings and new booking requests. From here, you can easily go to any booking and manage your day-to-day operations and guest commun

  • How Can I Change a Guest's Payment Method?

    Would you like to change your guests' payment method for the remaining balance or would they like to pay you using a different card? When a guest would like to use a different credit or debit card

  • How can I cancel a booking and refund my guest?

    AnyGuide handles all credit/debit card cancellations and refunds for you including issuing immediate refunds and communicating with your guests. Please note that for credit/debit card bookings, the

  • I need to blackout certain dates or times. How do I do this?

    Black-out dates help you  manage your availability. If you have certain dates or periods of time you would prefer not to offer, you can block these dates so they appear as unavailable. This is a usefu

  • Setting up Online Booking for your Website and Facebook

    When you're done updating your Account Preferences and adding your experiences on your AnyGuide Dashboard, you're ready to connect AnyGuide with any website or Facebook Page.  There are 2 main opti

  • Collecting Deposits

    Deposits are a great way to cover upfront costs, like hotel reservations or transportation. A deposit can be up to 50% of the total tour price and it's paid out to you the first Tuesday after the book

  • What is the Booking Experience Like for Guests? (Video)

    An overview of the AnyGuide booking, payment and email experience for guests that will keep them coming back. Ready to get started?  Here's a video explaining how to get set up.

  • 24/7 Live Chat - Your Personal Support Team

    Our Customer Experience team is on live chat and email support 24/7 to help you and your guests answer all your questions, whether it's something urgent like rescheduling a tour, or simply a question

  • Adding Tours and Activities

    Adding tours on your AnyGuide Dashboard will allow you to receive online bookings, manage your calendar and process payments after you add the AnyGuide Plugin on your website or install AnyGuide's Boo

  • Offer Custom Experiences? Invoices are for you (Video)

    Invoices are a billing tool with built in deposits and confirmation/reminder emails. They are great for custom tour proposals and for billing regular customers. When you send an AnyGuide Invoice, your

  • Customizing your Guest Emails

    AnyGuide takes care of sending your guests emails for you. Following up with your guests is an extremely important part of your brand and we've spent a lot of time designing beautiful, well-written, c

  • Custom Questions, Waivers, Transportation and more!

    We try to keep things as simple as possible for our partners, that’s why we have a dedicated customer experience team assisting you to enable and update more advanced settings and features. That’s rig

  • Advanced Features and Customizations

    Below you can find a list of all the available features we can help you setup for your experiences.  Pricing: Custom or Tiered Pricing Fixed Currency Additional

  • Tour Manifest and Check-ins

    If you offer group tours, you can easily: View and print the Tour Manifest Check-in guests as they arrive Tour Manifest Select a group tour. Click "Download Manifest" in the top rig

  • Examples of Guest Emails & Notifications

    Guest emails and notifications are automatically sent to your guests and are customized based on your AnyGuide Business Profile. They can also reply to any email to send a message to you directly.

  • Wordpress Integration

    You can easily add your AnyGuide booking site into your WordPress website by following this step-by-step guide. Our plugin integrates your tours or activities into your website and allows your custome

  • New This Month

    A few small but important recent feature updates include:  Transaction History You can now see how much your visitors were charged, on what date and what card was used. Just follow the simple s

  • 24/7 Guest Customer Support

    AnyGuide includes 24/7 live chat support for your guests. When guests visit your AnyGuide online booking page they can access live chat anytime. If your guests have any questions or issues, our friend

  • Account Settings

    It is important to complete your account settings and make sure they stay up-to-date for a smooth booking and payout experience for both you and your guests. Here is a quick guide on how and where you

  • Creating Practice Bookings & Invoices

    After you set up your account you'll probably want to create some practice Bookings or send a test Invoice, so you can experience the entire AnyGuide booking process yourself.  You can test the Any

  • How to Add or Remove Guests and Items from a Confirmed Booking

    You can now easily add or deduct people and add-on items from existing bookings and charge or refund the guest accordingly.  Please note: In version 1, this tool can only be applied to online bookin

  • Communicating with your Guests

    Before a guest books your tour, there are a number of ways for them to contact you with inquiries and questions: From your booking page on your website Through a contact form Through yo

  • Downloadable Reports

    One of AnyGuide's newest and most powerful features is Insights & Reports. You can access it by logging into your Dashboard and navigating to your newly added "Insights & Reports" tab. The Reports

  • Cancellations and Refunds

    AnyGuide handles all credit/debit card cancellations and refunds for you, including: Enforcing your cancellation policy - because we charge the guest's credit/debit card when they book your tou

  • Premium Plan - Tools to Optimize your Business

    Premium Features Explained How does the Premium Plan help me understand my Customers and Business better and optimize my Experiences? While our Basic Plan gives you all you need to efficiently ru

  • Data Insights

    These tools are part of our new Premium Plan. Whether your aim is to grow your business, optimally engage with your guests or measure your performance AnyRoad is where it all starts. You can use our d

  • Measuring Net Promoter Score (NPS)

    Net Promoter Score (NPS) measures overall customer satisfaction with your experience and brand on a scale from -100 to 100. NPS is a popular method for gauging customer satisfaction, and is used by ma

  • Adjust Available Booking Spots

    Wondering how you can adjust the number of available spots for a timeslot that has at least 1 booking? It's super simple, just follow the steps below:  1. Find the booking Navigate to the booking

  • Email Troubleshooting - Undelivered, Bounced and Resending Emails

    Email delivery is extremely important - it's often the only way you communicate with your guests, and at times there can be urgent, last minute messages exchanged before a tour. We use an extremely